Becky Anliker

Becky taught classroom orchestra and youth orchestra in Moore County Schools for 11 years

(with 28 years teaching experience). Registration fee for the Music Academy is $50 per year.

All students have free access to all concerts and activities that the academy provides.

Instruction fees for lessons are $20 for an hour lesson and $15 for a half hour lesson.

For more information:

Home: 910-428-6263

Cell: 910-220-1016


Piano and String Instruments - Violin, Viola, Cello or Bass Lessons at Trinity Music Academy in Troy, NC

Michael Jones


Violin, viola, beginning piano

Summer months only

Larissa Glassman

For private lessons for oboe (or voice) from a professional, contact:

Larissa Glassman

Tel: 910-528-2447


Oboe and Voice Lessons

Rob Hill


Trumpet or Baritone

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