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Scholarship Awards

The Moore Philharmonic Orchestra supports music education. Our scholarship program provides Moore Philharmonic Orchestra student members an opportunity to advance their personal music goals, such as participation in summer camps, college programs, private lessons and instrument upgrades.

Our scholarship program includes one additional award for a nonmember,

Moore County 8th/9th grade student. 

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2024 Scholarship Award Recipients

2023 Scholarship Award Recipients


From Left to Right: Ryan Stamatopoulos, Tatum Gast, Avery Smith, Dustin Bullard, & Kacey Seifer

Photo May 21, 7 35 48 PM.jpg

MPO Member Scholarship


Shion Strickland, Suzannah Davis,

Nora Waters & Madeline Mabe    

Photo May 21, 7 28 05 PM.jpg

MPO Junior Honorarium

Colton Freeman 

Josiah Kojo   

2022 Scholarship Award Recipients

MPO Junior Scholarship

Jessica Perry    

2021 Scholarship Award Recipients

From left to right:

Alissa Wyckoff, Dustin Bullard,

Ethan Jones & Adrian Oliver

scholarship winners 21.jpg
2020 scholarship.jpg

2020 Scholarship Award Recipients


From left to right, top to bottom:

Lindsey Smith, Gavin Paller,

Avery Smith, Gavin Greim,

Shion Strickland, & Austin Aponte

2019 Scholarship Award Recipients

Ryan Hoag, Ethan Jones,

Charlie Taylor, Kacie Atherton,

Kacey Seifer & Lydia Ball


2018 Scholarship Award Recipients

Caitlin Blue, Courtney Gibbs, Josephine Matti, Zachary Bunce, *Elizabeth Horwath,

Nicholas McNeill, Suzannah Davis, Leah Jones, Grant Oldham, Sarah Flanagan, Jonathan Kenzel & Jason Wise             
                                                                                                                                           * not pictured


William Settles Memorial Scholarship Winners      
Shania Jones &  Holly Riedesel
Moore Philharmonic Scholarship Winners
Ethan Jones, Michelle Oldham, Gavin Paller
Elizabeth Rubin & Matthew Wise
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